The necklace is an essential accessory for women whatever their style. Whether it is to embellish the neckline or to brighten up the look, the necklace always brings a finishing touch to an outfit. The current trends are chokers and choker necklaces. How to wear them?

How to wear the choker ?

From the Kardashian sisters to Gigi Hadid; the choker is becoming the favorite necklace of celebrities. Also called "choker", this necklace from the 90's is making a comeback. There are different models to suit all tastes and styles, whether classic, boyish, girly or bohemian. The choker necklace can be worn with anything and for any occasion. It can be worn with a shirt, a t-shirt, a turtleneck, with any neckline or bustier. For everyday wear, you can choose a choker necklace made of plastic or fabric (silk, lace, etc.) with or without charms and pendant. For special events and evenings, prefer the more chic, rigid necklaces made of gold or silver. And for even more style, dare to personalize the jewellery available at Minerals Kingdom.

How to wear the breastplate necklace?

The bib necklace, this XXL necklace that sublimates the neck, is also a key trend of the moment. This ethnic jewel always makes its effect to highlight an outfit. The bib necklace is an elegant jewel, so it is necessary to know how to wear it well. In general, it will accessorize a simple outfit so as not to overdo it. The prints and the complicated clothes are to be avoided. For a stylish and efficient look during the day, opt for a discreet and flat bib on a sweater, a shirt or a neckline. In the evening, dare to use voluminous bibs in silver, gold or bronze metal, to be combined with a sober but chic outfit, without bling bling.

Choose the necklace according to your morphology

In order to wear the neck collars and breastplates properly, the morphology must be taken into account. Those who have a nice head carriage can afford anything. Thin necklaces and breastplates that are not very imposing will go to those who have a small size or a small neck.