Earrings are accessories that allow to finalize a look, but also to lighten a face. You have an important choice on the market ranging from fancy models to discreet and simple models. But for you to be really stylish, it is essential to choose these jewels well. Pairs of big creoles or shiny chips? We help you to choose well in this article :

Earrings to illuminate the complexion

Sign of femininity, earrings can give more charm to a face. You will be able to emphasize your face by taking into account various points: - The type of earring - The material of this one - The color of the stones By encircling your face, they will attract attention, lighten your face or on the contrary tarnish it a little. To better choose earrings, it is recommended to seek professional advice. Click here to personalize your jewellery before giving it as a gift. However, there are several tips to adopt in order to find models that will make your person shine.

Wear earrings according to the shape of your face

To choose this type of women's jewellery, you can take into account the shape of your face. For a round face, privilege the earrings hanging or angular. They will make it possible to refine your features instead of rounding them even more. Avoid creoles, fleas and other round ear jewellery. For heart-shaped faces, it is more advisable to wear round models without lengths. Is your face square? You are also allowed to wear round earrings, either small rings or XXL earrings. This type of earring is suitable for people with a rectangular face. Oval or diamond earrings are also ideal for thin, elongated faces. You are very lucky if you have an oval shaped face. Indeed, you can enhance yourself with any type of earrings. However, avoid wearing models hanging down to your shoulders.

Wear earrings and outfit in harmony

For your face to look its best, you must not put aside your appearance. Earrings can match your dress or be a very special item. For a special occasion, you can wear a sophisticated outfit. Opt for discreet earrings to go with it and enhance your face. If your clothes are too conservative, fancy earrings are ideal for adding colour to your face and your outfit.