Jewellery isn't just for women. Men can also wear these fashion accessories. They go perfectly with male beauty. Only, according to each profile, you should choose the best jewellery. So, according to the personality of the recipient, choose the ideal jewel. To help you, here are some valuable tips.

Choosing according to personality

According to the personality of each person, it is advisable to choose a man's jewellery. Those who like the classic chic or discreet look prefer simple and noble jewellery. So choose pure and less visible textures. Rockers, for their part, are attracted by more specific accessories often combining steel and leather. They especially appreciate jewellery with strong graphics. If your man likes a sporty look, favour simple objects designed with raw materials. The accessory should be more practical. It should be easy to wear and remove. Finally, for those who like the bohemian look, jewellery that mixes antique and modern styles is best. These men prefer ethnic accessories.

A gold or silver jewel?

The material is also a detail to consider when choosing jewellery for men. Gold and silver is one of the most used materials for men's fashion accessories. The choice depends mainly on the skin tone. Gold jewellery is suitable for those with a pale skin tone, while silver accessories are suitable for men with a pale skin tone. However, depending on the recipient's preferences, you can choose a piece of jewellery that suits his or her tastes. Be careful, however, that the accessory does not look too silly.

What type of jewellery should I offer a man?

For the type of jewellery, everything depends on the context: birthday gift, wedding celebration... The ring, in particular, often refers to a union or an attachment. It is generally offered as a wedding ring, engagement ring or as a token of fidelity. However, the signet ring is an ideal gift for any occasion (even without a special reason). As for the bracelet, it evokes above all power. This jewel is associated with the machismo side of man. As for style, there is a wide choice, from simple to sophisticated models. Cuffs and bracelets are very popular. The mix of materials has also become trendy.