Jewellery is something that will help in character building. Sapphire necklaces are the best to take into consideration. You can find these beautiful necklaces through

Occurrence of the natural stones

It is a gemstone consisting of Aluminium oxide with traces of iron or magnesium. The typical colour of this stone is blue. However, it also occurs in other fancy colours including; yellow, purple, orange and green. With this in mind, the mineral can be taken to the laboratory to be accustomed to larger stone jewellery meant for decorative purposes. Other than making decorative jewellery, the stone can be used for non-oriental applications. It includes infrared optical components, durable windows and crystals meant for the wristwatches. One of the varieties of the mineral stone is sapphire. The other one is commonly known as the ruby known as corundum in the shade of red. You can get the stone in a variety of countries. Check out some of the listed places mentioned below.

  • Cameroon
  • Cambodia
  • Afghanistan
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania

The cost of this single natural stone jewellery varies from one to the other depending on the colour, size, cut and the overall final quality. Although the untreated stone will have more market value than the treated ones, all these have to go through the testing laboratory before getting to the market.

Examples of the mineral varieties and what they entail

As seen earlier, these stones come in different forms. Still, the quality will vary from one to the other. Check out some of the examples and what they exactly consist of.

1. The Blue coloured version

The blue colour is the most popular version of colour associated with the mineral. The common way to test the stone is by checking the hue (colour brightness), saturation and the tone. The hue exists in different tone mixtures; the primary (blue) and the secondary (different levels of shades).

2. The pink coloured version

It occurs in the shades of light and dark. The colour will further deepen with the increase of chromium (Chemical element). With the pink darkened colour of the natural stone jewellery, the more the monetary value. It is the point where you will realize that quality matters. The pink version has different names all over. A good example is in the United States. Here, the minimal saturation will guarantee the stone to reference as a ruby.

3. The star version

Among one of the unique forms of the rock. The version shows some phenomena that looks like a star known as asterism. As a result of the crystal structure, it leads to the appearance of a six-rayed star shape. A quick fact, the star of Adam (ranging with 1404.09 carats) is the largest star version of the natural stones. However, be careful with such statements since claiming such will only make the stone be under much scrutiny, equating the size to the quality.

Factors to consider when choosing the perfect stone

When it is your first time to buy the natural stone, you will have to get some form of support for you to get the perfect product and avoiding falling into scam. Sadly, the jewellery industry has lots of fraudsters, and they may take advantage of you. You will get a chance to see some of the things to consider before making a purchase.

1. Choosing the colour that goes with you

Jewellery is one thing that when you purchase shows what your character has. It represents a person’s character. As mentioned above, you will see that when you choose a stone, you consider the saturation, the tone and hue. Particularly, the most desirable colour of the stone is blue. Although, with some presence of foreign elements, it gives it a particular hue.

2. Evaluation of the stone clarity

One thing you have to know is that you won’t find the stones that don’t have some slight inclusions. For the stone, this is normal. Most of the stones have inclusions referred to as the needles (small lines visible inside the stone). During the purchase, you will be sure to know that the inclusions are not visible with the naked eye.

3. Obtaining the perfect cut of your natural stone jewellery

A cut of the stone brings some form of brilliance and beauty and this is the first thing to consider as a customer. When you view your stone make sure that it is against the light to make sure to see facets and the symmetry that the stone contains. Besides, it should be common knowledge to you that a stone that is not under symmetry will not reflect light. Some of the shapes include:

  • round
  • Cushion
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Radiant
  • Marquise

4. Choosing the carat weight in the stone

These natural stones are among the heaviest of the stones. In general, when the stone has the same number of carats with a diamond, then it means that it will be much smaller than the diamond. In that case, the larger the number of carats, then it becomes more pricy.

5. Is synthetic stone fake?

Some of these jewellery stones are made in the laboratory. It may be a cause of concern to most buyers as they might take it as fake and not legitimate. To ease your curiosity, the stones are completely legit as they form under tightly controlled recipes. While the natural ones happen to take formation over a million years in the environment.

Benefits of this jewellery in litho therapy

Litho therapy is the inventive way of medicine that you can use in the treatment of body energy and harmonize it. Entirely, you can do this process with the help of natural jewellery. These stones contain some form of vibrations that help to remove both physical and psychological stress. When put in the form of jewellery, It is a concept that it helps the organ connected with.

In this part of the article, you will get to see some of the benefits why you will find it helpful to use when performing lithotherapy.

1. Blessings and good luck

Try to get the gemstone that best fits your character. The gemstone comes with the beliefs that within its presence, you will get some abundance of wealth and prosperity. It is attached to the notion that you will obtain great success.

2. Clearing the thought process

Attaining the state of Zen is the part of this form of treatment. It helps in good decision-making. Mental clarity is very important especially with the people who face daily work stress. Therefore, a person in the stone presence will make good decisions amidst multiple surrounding conditions.

3. Improving focus and concentration

If you need something to make you have full concentration in life, then the stone will be the way to go. For the people in the business or the education sector, it becomes really helpful to obtain success. The stone generates energy that will keep you on point.

4. Remove negativity

Life comes with some ups and downs. Some people know this as Karma. It can be either good or bad. However, the stones are a recipe to get rid of the bad situations that happen in your life. With the stress that life comes with, people can get depression and this is the remedy to cure that. Furthermore, self-confidence and mental balance is a great achievement that the stones bring.

5. Health benefits

The stones help people with a stomach ailment. It improves the digestion process. It may vary from one individual to another. If you have ever experienced a stomach issue in public, then you will be familiar with what this concept entails.

6. Spiritual purification

Meditation for many years has been the closest method man has termed to be closer to God. The gemstones help to bring introspection and self-realization. In the presence of the gemstone, it will give you a great company through the journey of spiritual fulfilment.

7. Boosting creativity

Creativity is inborn. However, it can be learnt. Through the help of the stones, it will help you gain some form of creativity. As you know, it is something that comes and goes within a short period. It is at this stage that people come up with great ideas. It will help them become successful in their careers and even build up business ideas.


Wearing jewellery does not have to be for beauty purpose only; there are so many benefits that come within the presence of the jewellery. If you have ever fantasized to get jewellery that will help in lithotherapy. Then why not try the one mentioned above. Gaining the above information will help you get one in perfect condition and not fall victim to scammers.