The pearl is one of the trendiest gems at the moment. Its elegance makes it one of the most appreciated. A pearl of good quality illuminates the one who wears it and embellishes its charm. It is of a dazzling and natural quality.

The origin of pearls

You can have fine pearls, natural pearls of a rare and expensive quality or even cultured pearls which are the most sold with still a fairly good quality. You can get the pearls from freshwater mussels that are coloured white or pastel, or also from oysters from salt water that are black or white in colour.

 The choice of pearls

A fine pearl of exceptional quality, shape and colour is defined as elegant and sublime. To choose a pearl jewel, you need to have the right financing and you will be spoilt for choice. But you still have to choose your pearl well to have a rare quality. Do you know the orient? it is a pearl of superior quality, and the luster? a pearl of incredible brilliance. But everyone has their own tastes, you may not like what shines, so adapt the pearl you need to your physique. You can choose a pearl tinted to match your skin, hair or eye colour, or even mix and match the different colours. Round pearls are the most desired and popular in the fashion world. Those with other shapes can be a bit overlooked. The price of the beads will mainly depend on the quality if you want to create a necklace with them. Choosing a jewel in round and small beads as well as large ones is the most ideal.

How to care for it

Wearing pearls gives them vitality because they need to attract water. They have a fairly long but limited lifespan because they gradually become dehydrated. Over time, they crack, lack shine and luminosity. Give them warmth and sometimes humidity for their well-being. Beware of chemicals and acids because pearls do not go with them. And when you get dressed, put your perfume on first because they can't stand the product inside. They are robust, hard but that doesn't prevent them from breaking, beware of metals. You can put your necklaces in individual boxes and flat to avoid their destruction. Have a pouch if you go far away for more protection. Choosing a pearl jewellery therefore requires attention.