The leather strap, this timeless jewel, is still as trendy as ever in men's fashion. Adaptable to all styles, from the most glamorous to the most casual, this accessory always brings a touch of originality and virility to the wearer.

Types of leather bracelets for men

Leather bracelets are timeless men's jewellery worn by men since ancient times. Its style has evolved through time, and today several models are available to satisfy the tastes of men. The leather bracelet for men can be simple, tanned leather, patterned, braided, laced, beaded or combined with other materials. There are models of custom leather bracelets for men that are very original and indeed sophisticated.

How to wear the leather bracelet?

The men's leather strap can be worn on the left or right wrist. There is something for all styles and tastes. If you are the classic type, a simple bracelet in tanned or dyed leather will suit you perfectly. If you like more hippie or bohemian styles, opt for a braided or patterned leather bracelet. And for those who adopt a rock look, dare leather bracelets with charms or studs. For an even trendier look, don't hesitate to combine your leather strap with other bracelets or with your watch. Nevertheless, you should choose the leather strap according to the size of your wrist. If you have a small wrist, a thin bracelet is more suitable and vice versa.

How to maintain a leather strap?

A leather strap needs maintenance to keep its original beauty. Indeed, leather is a living material that needs to be nourished and maintained regularly. To take care of a leather strap, it is imperative to avoid any contact with water. Therefore, remove your bracelet when you go to the shower, the pool, the beach, and in case of rain. It is also necessary to clean it regularly with a simple cloth or make-up remover milk, then nourish it with the specific creams sold on the market. Finally, even if you love your leather strap, don't wear it every day. Alternate it with other bracelets or why not get several models of leather bracelets if you can't do without them.