Platinum and gold are among the most widely used precious materials for jewellery making. They are renowned for their superior strength, rarity and durability. Let's focus particularly on platinum. Platinum is mainly used in the manufacture of luxury accessories, watches and electronic products. It is also used in oil refining.

Platinum, a timeless metal

Platinum has been around for ages and is a natural white colour. Before reaching its current notoriety, it passed through several generations. Ancient Egyptian civilizations used this material to make jewellery. Nowadays, industrial and jewellery companies use platinum to make various accessories. Thanks to its main qualities, this material is becoming more and more appreciated. It is resistant, rotproof, rare and noble at the same time. Wearing fashion accessories made of platinum is therefore a guarantee of value. Please note that platinum jewellery is very expensive. Moreover, this material is not to be envied by other metals such as white and white gold.

More expensive than gold

Over the past few decades, gold and platinum prices have not moved too far apart. However, recent sources suggest that platinum is more expensive than gold. Moreover, it is rarer than gold. In addition to its high cost and rarity, this material has a better quality of inertness. Moreover, it is completely rustproof. Easy to maintain, platinum retains its brilliance over time. Hypoallergenic, it does not create an epidermal reaction. A platinum jewel is therefore suitable for everyone. The hallmark of platinum varies according to its purity. For the manufacture of jewellery, this material is used at around 85 to 95% purity. In terms of compactness, platinum is denser than gold.

Used in the manufacture of jewellery and other fashion objects

Platinum is mainly used in jewellery and jewellery to make jewellery (necklaces, pendants, rings...) or fashion accessories. Its white and shiny brilliance allows especially the enhancement of precious stones (ruby, diamond, sapphire, beryl...). The use of this material for the design of fashion objects requires an advanced know-how. Be aware that the working time of platinum is longer. Apart from jewellery, other industrial sectors such as the manufacture of motors, dental appliances and chemical solutions use this material. Platinum is therefore used for a number of practical purposes.