Usually, gold can be recognized by its yellow and golden colour. Very appreciated in jewellery, gold tends to come in several colours for aesthetic and technical reasons. Moreover, gold colours are varied, ranging from the usual yellow to the spectrum of colours. Since gold is a soft metal, it is natural to mix it with other metals to make it more rigid. In this way, a variety of different colours are obtained than yellow depending on the associated metal. Thanks to this alloy, jewellery and other decorative gold accessories can have a variety of shades.

Yellow gold, a chic and highly prized colour

Among the gold colours, yellow is the most popular. Obviously, this natural shade of metal is preferred because it clearly characterizes its value with the solar effect it emits. Chic and refined, this colour is chosen to celebrate a very special event such as a wedding. In addition, yellow gold matches any skin tone with a rather correct or elegant outfit. An original shade of gold, yellow is combined with copper and silver to solidify the material. In fact, gold alloys are most often made with these elements.

Scandinavian-style gold colours for an exceptional piece of jewellery

The green gold borrows the Scandinavian style. In fact, this nuance is best appreciated as a decorative accessory for a room in the house. On the other hand, the choice to wear it as jewellery would not be in bad taste. In fact, all gold colours probably have their own particular charm. In order to obtain green gold, otherwise known as Electrum, gold is combined with metals such as silver or copper. Available as a bracelet, green gold will dress up what is worn in a slightly retro style that is still in fashion today.

Gold in the colours of love and passion

The colours of gold vary greatly depending on the metals used to make an alloy. Nearly all jewellers have gold in pink colour. In fact, this colour rhymes with love and tenderness, which is why people like to wear pink gold jewellery. Moreover, it can be worn at any time and with any clothing. Copper, silver and fine gold make pink gold possible. In addition, to obtain red gold, it is mixed with copper. To show his wife his passionate love, this colour is a good idea to make a jewel.