The use of gemstones is now a big trend for jewellery made of the necessary material with a flawless originality thanks to its various patterns and colours.

What is a fine stone?

A fine stone is a stone of a rare and hard quality with different colors used to decorate the jewels. They stand out from other stones for their elegance. What is important to remember is that a fine stone is extremely difficult to recognize in front of a precious stone that imitates the ideal synthesis. In some cases, dividing the stone proves useful, it must be sanded or heated to find out if it has this synthesized effect. At first glance, imitation is extremely difficult to recognize and this can deceive your eyes. It is therefore necessary to make a test of the mechanical characteristics of the component to see its nature. Slap the stone on your teeth, you will see if it makes a sound like plastic or not. You can also feel it if it does not emit heat, but gives a cold sensation, if it emits heat in your hands, it may be synthetic.

A perfect imitation

According to the law, all stones: hard, coloured, natural, imitation, are all fine stones. As it may seem, a fine stone can be more synthetic than natural. The law obliges the jeweller to mention the true nature of these synthetic stones. Therefore, having a jewel designed with a fine stone does not dictate its condition. Ask your jeweller directly for information on the characteristics of your stones or jewellery.

Imitation of nature

Few jewellers imitate a fine stone, why? Because it is not rare and is not worth a fortune. On the other hand, it should be known that the dimension of a natural stone can cause losses. To put a stone on a piece of jewellery, it is conceivable to throw away many parts of the original stone that is still rough and worth more. A lot of counterfeit stones are currently being sold on the market. Natural stones are losing value, because these fake stones regress the buying rate at a more minimized price than the original natural stone. So don't be discouraged if you buy beautiful jewellery with beautiful stones, because they are almost all made with synthetic stones.