The diamond symbolizes eternal love, and was once celebrated and recognized throughout the ages for increasing relationships and inner strength. When buying these rare and precious stones, one should generally keep in mind the 4 C's, Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. But buyers often ignore the remaining 3 C's. The 7C's of the diamond should be a priority.

Color and Clarity

The first 2 C's of the 7C's of the diamond represent colour and clarity. Make sure you know which colour of diamond your partner prefers. Warm and colourful diamonds dazzle when set in yellow gold, while cool white colours match perfectly with white gold or platinum. Your partner's preference is very important. For clarity, a diamond with visible inclusions or imperfections is a recipe for disaster. Although you may not be able to afford a flawless one, you can consider various other diamonds with inclusions that do not necessarily compromise its beauty.

Cut and carat

The cut and the carat are the 3rd and 4th C of the 7Cs of the diamond. If your partner attaches importance to the brilliance, fire and sparkling quality of diamonds, the cut should be your priority. A well-cut diamond emits much more brilliance. And the higher the carat weight, the better. One carat equals 0.2 grams. If your budget isn't enough, cutting and mounting can make the diamond look bigger than it actually is.

Cost, certificate and awareness

These are the last Cs of the 7Cs in the diamond. Choose a diamond that offers the best characteristics your partner is looking for, while offering a good blend of the first 4C's (size, colour, clarity and carat weight). Depending on which feature is most important to your partner, you will be able to get a cost estimate. Make sure the diamond you wish to purchase has a lightweight performance report certification. A diamond certificate describes the quality of a particular diamond and lists all its specifications. Your partner may not like the idea of wearing a diamond related to conflict diamonds (also known as blood diamonds). Research and discover the source of origin of your diamond. Make sure it has a 100% conflict-free guarantee to ease your conscience.